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Strut in style with our Mia Skirt that can be styled 2 ways. Comes with adjustable waist buttoning.

Joy is 163cm  .  Wearing Size S



  • Wrap skirt with front flap for flexible styling
  • Hanging string
  • Flexible waist fitting with double button system. Buttons can be resewn to fit your new size


   Styling Suggestion   

Buttoned shirt or put on a light weight jacket for more layering effect.


   Sizing Guide   

Size matters. The UK/ US size reference only serves as a guideline as each brand’s sizing is different. Always double check the exact measurement.


mia sizing guide

*Wide measurement range due to adjustable waist band


   Fabric Composition   

Skirt: 80% cotton . 20% galangal

Pocket Lining: 100% cotton

   Material Source   

Natural Fiber + Surplus Material


  • Dry cleaning only. Freya Skirt should be handled with care by your trusted launderer to preserve its smooth finishing.
  • For a more eco friendly option, consult your launderer for *WET CLEANING.

*Read here for more tips & on why you should care for your garments according to the washing instructions.


Use only the hanging string to store your Mia Skirt. Clips from hanger might create permanent clipping marks

Quality clothing lasts. Should you find yourself not in love with the dress anymore, pass it down to a friend,upcycle, or recycle. 

*Head on here for more tips on prolonging your clothes’ lifespan.