The Beginning

JUNG was born out of love for the women in our lives. We started by creating a piece to make life easier for new mothers which included a built-in modesty cloth as part of the dress so there was one less thing to carry around. From day one we had the mission to make sure everything we created was as sustainable as possible. Today we have developed the collection to include pieces for all women regardless of their stage in life, with the same mission of creating functional and sustainable clothing.



hand on fieldOur Ethos

 Conscious clothing should consist of the following elements: Non-harmful to the environment and the people who produced it. It should serve more than just vanity purposes, it should last through trends & age, it should last through our gross culture of disposability, and it should last through the changes of our body. Read more on our commitment here.




yarns spools Zero Waste

From the outset, we refuse to be yet another clothing brand contributing to the piling waste in the landfill. It has to be sustainable or it’s all out for us. Instead of creating new material from scratch, we found ways to utilize what is supposedly ‘waste’ and turn them into beautiful garments. Our collections are made of outstanding fabric stock (or better known as deadstock), and natural fiber generated from inedible byproducts from the agriculture industry, such as lemongrass stem, galangal stem and etc. We also found innovative use of coffee grounds and turned them into buttons! Dive deeper into our material here. 



Garment Patterns & Blocks

Designed & Made to Last

Designs make up a big part in our process. Unlike conventional collections where the designs start from a theme or inspiration, ours start from the limiting deadstock we have on hand so the styles have to be designed around the characteristics of the fabric. Each style is given a contemporary look with concealed nursing function so you can still wear them irregardless of your body’s changes. We also create flexible bottoms that will fit you still when your body changes a size or 2, all made possible with clever pattern making.




I made your clothes

I Made Your Clothes

The mindfully made pieces you wear are made by our partners in Thailand, in a safe working environment audited by local authorities and are paid with fair wages. Some of our smaller batches are made in our in-house studio. 


Our Packaging

We minimize waste wherever we can. In line with our environmental commitment, we do not use any plastics in our packaging. Our packaging is made from recycled post-consumer material, and we produce only whatever is necessary for the well keeping of your garments.





From start to finish we make our garments last for you, so together we could work towards minimizing our waste, both as a producer & consumer. 



About the Founder

JUNG FounderMo Jian Yung is an award winning fashion designer with vast experience in the industry. Before founding JUNG, she had worked with several companies as production manager & designer before landing her feet in the education field as a lecturer specializing in pattern making & production techniques.

Mo has always believed in giving back to the community. Outside of regular work, she has conducted workshops to pass down her knowledge & skills to the underpriviledged group such as the Chow Kit teens & the Rohingya refugees via UNHCR.

Born & bred in Malaysia, she enjoys tropical rain & good food. She now continues to seek inspiration from Bahrain, a place she now calls home.