mindfully designed, mindfully made


JUNG was born out of love for the women in our lives. Created initially as a gift to a dear friend who was expecting, our first collection focuses on simplifying a mother’s nursing routine through functional clothing, designed for an easy nursing experience, all without the hassle of a modesty cloth. Whether you’re a mother with a newborn, or just someone who appreciates good clothing, JUNG is mindfully designed to grow through your womanhood, each step of the way with a sustainable approach.

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Conscious clothing should consist of the following elements: Non-harmful to the environment and the people who produced it, it should serve more than just a vanity purpose, and it should last. It should last through time & age, it should last through the ever changing trends which fostered our gross habit of tossing things out as fast as the seasons change, and it should last through the changes of our body in a time where women’s body image are scrutinized more than ever. Read more about our ethos here.


From the outset, we refuse to be yet another clothing brand contributing to the piling waste in the landfill. It has to be sustainable or it’s all out for us. Therefore all our garments are now made with surplus material (or better known as deadstock) and natural fiber generated from inedible byproducts from the agriculture industry, such as lemongrass stem, galangal stem and etc. Read more about our material here.

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          MADE TO LAST

Designs make up a big part in our process. Unlike conventional collections where the designs start from a theme or inspiration, ours start from the limiting surplus we have on hand. Each style was therefore designed around the characteristics of the fabric. We made sure each piece is designed with a concealed function so you can continue to wear them after they have exceeded your initial using span (i.e. the nursing period). We also make the waist fitting flexible so you can continue to wear them after a long trip to a faraway food capital.

From start to finish, we make our garments last for you, so you could wear them longer, & love them longer. 


We minimize waste wherever we can. In line with our environmental commitment, we do not use any plastics in our packaging. our packagings are made from recycled material, and we produce only whatever is necessary for the well keeping of your garments.