Our Ethos & Commitment

MAKE NO WASTE. This has been our guiding principle since the conception of our label, and we make sure that it is implemented across our practices, including how our designs are solution-driven for the end user. To rise above the throwaway culture, we give our shoppers reason to wear our creation longer by designing functions that expect, and adapt to the changes in our body. Our light bulb moment for the nursing function came when we were creating a gift for a dear friend who was expecting. After witnessing an encumbered young Japanese mother jostling with a covering cloth while nursing her baby with difficulty in a small Sukhumvit cafe, we decided to liberate nursing experience by designing a discreet nursing cloth into the garment so you can have less things to carry while nourishing your infant without the worry of exposing yourself to the curious gaze of strangers. 

While we initially started with the nursing function, our clothing has since evolved with additional adjustable waist function so the fit is no longer a reason to send a garment to the landfill. As with the nursing friendly pieces, they’re designed without the nursing look so it’s wearable at all stages of your life. 

The NO WASTE principle goes deep into our choice of materials too. Rather than producing new materials that will generate more waste, we look into salvaged materials that would otherwise be discarded. Rediscovered deadstocks, textiles generated from agricultural byproducts have since become the fabric to our no waste vision. 


Carbon Offsetting: One tree at a time

Our no waste journey doesn’t end when a product leaves our shelves. Preserving the environment has always been an ongoing mission for us, which is why we partnered up with Onetreeplanted to plant a tree in Asia for every single purchase you made, at our cost. 





We believe in a community of shared goals. If you would like to be a part of our mission, we are now providing the option for you to offset your shipping at checkout via our selected project in Myanmar mangroves: 

Myanmar Mangroves

Only 16% of the original mangrove forest remains on the Myanmar coastline. Human activities have led to the destruction of the mangrove forests. Often cut down for use as firewood or for clearing the way for farming rice, palm oil, or shrimp. The destruction and deforestation has devastated the blue carbon ecosystem and has destroyed the very resource that protects and nourishes communities. This project is working to restore those forests. Mangrove forests have immense benefits. They help stabilize the coastline, reduce erosion, provide protection from storms, and are home to fish, birds and plants. Mangroves store as much as four times the carbon stored in inland forests. So when we lose mangroves, the climate suffers directly. This project also works with the local communities to adapt to more sustainable practices and help conservation efforts.


  • This project teaches local citizens a new way to ensure a sustainable livelihood and how to utilize the resources from the healthy mangroves rather than destroy them for wood.
  • Communities are invested in mutual benefit and long-term sustainability, when the mangroves are healthy they can provide fish populations the opportunity to recover, shrimp and crab return in numbers, and plants grow naturally in the forests. All of these can be sustainably harvested for food or as crops for sale.
  • Ecotourism is in harmony with the natural landscapes, seascapes and local lifestyles. This also brings jobs and revenue to the local communities.
  • Conservation of biodiversity, endemic endangered flora, wildlife and coral reefs in adaptation to climate change.


Environmental impact




verified carbon standardFounded in 2005, Verra is a global leader helping tackle the world’s most intractable environmental and social challenges by developing and managing standards that help the private sector, countries, and civil society achieve ambitious sustainable development and climate action goals. Verra’s global standards and frameworks serve as linchpins for channeling finance towards high-impact activities that tackle some of the most pressing environmental issues of our day.



UN Sustainable Development Goals

UN SGD Goals



We take pride in our creation, and we hope you could cherish them by wearing them longer. Should you find yourself not in love with our clothes anymore, please pass it down to a friend.