Our Material

We have always said to ourselves we can’t get started until we know we can create our innovative and functional clothing in a sustainable way. To us there seemed little point to create another line of clothes that will be worn one season only to end up as landfill by the next. Our breakthrough moment came when we found partners in Thailand that could supply us with natural & eco-friendly materials, as well as rediscovered surplus material. This enabled us to realize our vision of creating pieces destined to have a long life, being sourced from nature, and making use of over-produced materials that would have otherwise been thrown away as excess. 



surplus image
Surplus Material

Better known as deadstock, they make up more than half of our current pieces. By rediscovering deadstock we gave the materials a new purpose and essentially allows us to do our part in ‘cleaning up’ the excessive production from textile mills
From Farm to Closet

Our award winning natural fiber textiles are made from plants like lemongrass, pineapple, galangal, etc. They are biodegradable at the end of their usable life. As these materials are agricultural byproducts sourced from local farmers, they're not organic. 
Pineapple fiber
coffee ground buttons
Garment Accessories

The coffee buttons are something we used heavily across our styles. Other than adding an accent to a timelessly designed garment, the coffee button is made using real Starbucks coffee ground. They are purely for buttoning purposes, do not eat them.
Exclusive Pieces

Due to the limitation of deadstock, we can only produce as much as the material yields. Therefore every single design is extremely limited in quantities & sizes. So if you do see the pieces you love, grab them before they are gone but make sure you double check the sizing measurements.
exclusive pieces