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Versatile shorts for any occasions, with pleats to accentuate your curves, and adjustable waist buttoning in case you grow a food baby at parties 

Gosia is 160cm  .  Wearing Size S



  • Ideal length without hanging bums
  • Single pocket on each side
  • Double button system for flexible waist fitting with our recycled Starbucks coffee grounds buttons. Buttons can be resewn to fit your new size


   Styling Suggestion   

Go preppy with a buttoned shirt 


   Sizing Guide   

 Size matters. The UK/ US size reference only serves as a guideline as each brand’s sizing is different. Always double check the exact measurement.


Emma shorts sizing measurement

*Wide measurement range due to adjustable waist band 


   Fabric Composition   

Shorts: 79% cotton, 21% poly 

Pockets: 100% cotton

   Material Source   

Surplus Material


  • Washing machine friendly. Wash on cold using a washing net with similar colour.
  • Avoid tumble dry.
  • Line dry only.

*Read here for more washing tips.


Keep the shorts folded instead of using a clipped hanger. Most clip hangers create permanent marks on your garment.

Quality clothing lasts. Should you find yourself not in love with the skirt anymore, pass it down to a friend, upcycle, or recycle.

*Head on here for more tips on prolonging your clothes’ lifespan.