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Business at the front, party at the back

Scarlet is a light-weight sweater with a cut out lower back for those times when wearing a sweater is just a tad too hot

Joy is 163cm  .  Wearing Size S



  • Round neck sweater with a cropped lower back
  • Light gold metal buckle accent on back waist
  • Back shoulder pleating to allow more room for nursing. Simply unbuckle the back waist strap to access


   Styling Suggestion   

Pairs well with anything. Our current go-to’s are high waisted bottoms. Slip on top of a dress too when the nursing function isn’t your main priority.


   Sizing Guide   

Size matters. The UK/ US size reference only serves as a guideline as each brand’s sizing is different. Always double check the exact measurement.


 scarlet sizing guide



   Fabric Composition   

100% cotton

   Material Source   

Surplus Material


  • Dry cleaning only. Scarlet Sweater comes with metal parts that should be handled with care by your trusted launderer.

For a more eco friendly option, consult your launderer for *WET CLEANING.

*Read here for more tips & on why you should care for your garments according to the washing instructions.


  • Do not hang knitted clothings. Always have them folded & rest on a shelf. 
  • Resist the urge to scratch your back against the wall too as it’ll create scratches on the gold buckle we searched high & low for you.
More on caring for knitted clothing, read here.