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Designed around the characteristic of the surplus fabric we have on hand, this skirt is a playful piece that comes alive under bright sunlight.

While the translucence of the material gives you sexy legs for days, the inner panels cover just the right amount to leave plenty room for imagination.

Gosia is 160cm  .  Wearing Size S



  • Asymmetric inner panels
  • Hanging string
  • Flexible waist fitting with the ultra forgiving elastic band
  • Double pockets on side


   Styling Suggestion   

Do not go commando. Pair it with a shirt dress for extra layering effect. Wear a belt like how we did for a less casual look.


   Sizing Guide   

Size matters. The UK/ US size reference only serves as a guideline as each brand’s sizing is different. Always double check the exact measurement.



*Wide measurement range due to adjustable waist band


   Fabric Composition   

65% polyester . 35% cotton

   Material Source   

Surplus Material


  • Washing machine friendly. Wash on cold using a washing net with similar colour.
  • Avoid tumble dry.
  • Line dry only.

*Read here for more for more washing tips.


Use only the hanging string to store your Zoey Skirt. Clips from the hanger might create permanent clipping marks.

Quality clothing lasts. Should you find yourself not in love with the skirt anymore, pass it down to a friend, upcycle, or recycle.